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Button Mash gone Insane
Sweetie belle had been gone missing for a week and it's already gotten to him, he's lost it so much he acts all like insane twilight and stuff. . .

Button Mash: heh heh, this is all gotta be a nightmare, yeah *eye twitch* heeeyy mom *grins creepily at her*

Buttons Mom: BUTTON, snap out of it!

[ he still has the creepy grin ]
La da da da ta
I'm gonna bury you in the ground
La da da da ta
I'm gonna bury you in my sound
I'm gonna drink the red from your pretty pink face
I'm gonna...

Fiona: MARSHALL, thats too distasteful!

Marshall: oh, you don't like that? OR DO YOU JUST LIKE ME DX

Sorry I treat you like a princess,
Is that what you want me to do?

Sorry I don't treat you like you're perfect,
Like all your little loyal subjects do.

Sorry I'm not made of sugar,
Am I not sweet enough for you?

Is that why you always avoid me?
I have one simple queastion for you.

[ yeah ], Why a I your En-emy.
Why am I your en-emy.

It's like I'm not even a  good person, am I?
why am I your en-emy.

Well, I suppose you just want me to kill myself [ do you? ].
without you I'm nothing.

I'm sorry that I exist,
I forget what your landed me on black list.

But I shouldn't have to be the one that makes up with you.
So, why do you hate me? why do you despise me?

I will... bury you in the ground... and drink the blood from your... UGH! [ fake heart attack and pretends to die fake collapsing ]

Fionna: UGH, enough fake dying, i don't hate you, i never said i hated you

Marshall: [ open one eye ] oh so you love me?

Fionna: well, yeah i guess, but i just don't like when you do those stupid fake death pranks!

Marshall: [ gets up ] thats what i thought Fiona.

Cake:  you better watch what yo' doin' to mah friend, or your gonna get some butt whoopin'!
AT: Marshall Lee I'm Just your Problem parody
Marshall acts all edgy and emo like when Fionna insuilts his singing.
Mordecai: OOF, uuugh, CJ?

CJ: no suicide! i'm here for you ok?!

Mordecai: ugh, but i can't deal with this! *sob* Benson separated me for a year!

CJ: well can't you try to atleast sneak your way to him?

Mordecai: i can't CJ! Benson said he'll fire me  or Rigby if he sees either of us together before the end of the year, i just can't live like this! and he won't even let us contact each other, he took away our phones and stuff. . .

CJ: *slaps Mordecai*  GET A HOLD OF YOUR SELF MORDECAI,  if I go try and talk Benson out of this mess, will you stay away from that rope?

Mordecai: *sniff* ok, cool.

CJ: good!  Margaret and Eileen, you two can watch him while i go try to talk to Benson about this.
Margaret: yeah, got it!

Eileen: we'll keep a good eye on him!

CJ: ok, you be good too your friends ok, Mordecai, I'll be back soon.

Mordecai: ok.

CJ: alright, now i'm off.

[ CJ goes out to look for Benson in the park and then meets up with him ]

Benson: you, your that girl that Mordecai found off the internet aren't you, what are doing here?

CJ: the names CJ,  and i know what you did to my boyfriend!

Benson: well those two atleast need to learn there lesson for lying to me about working as much as they should have and slacking off for a month.

CJ:  YOU NEED TO STOP THIS MADNESS, IT'S TEARING MY BOYFRIEND APART, he's even become suicidal because of you!

Benson: NO CJ, it hasn't been a year yet, it's only been three months, THREE!!!

[ meanwhile in the park house Rigby is going crazy in denial about what just happend months ago ]

Rigby: THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING, AAAAAH , this is probably just all a bad nightmare! *bangs his head against the wall*
[ Muscle Mand and high five ghost enter in noticing Rigby going crazy while skips followed them ]

Muscle Man:  RIGBY, calm down!

Rigby:  I CAN'T CALM DOWN MAN!  this  can't be real! this all has to be some sort  of crazy endless nightmare that  I can't seem to wake up from!

High Five Ghost: but this is all real, and it's been three months since it actually happened dude.

Rigby:  NO! that's what you guy's WANT me to think! but NO i'm not falling for it!  AAHH , WAKE UP ME, WAKE UUUP *continues banging his head against the wall hard *

[ Muscle Man and high five ghost stop him and pull him back ]

Muscle Man: i said calm down bro! what's gotten into you?!

Skips: i know what's going on.

High Five Ghost: huh? you do?

Skips: yes, he is starting  to go through the five stages of grief one day at a time, and right now, he's in denial.

Muscle Man: makes sence, that explains why he was breaking the tv and smashing plates trying to wake up thinking this is a nightmare of some sort.


Muscle Man: oh no, if he's going through those stages, this is going to get tough for us!

Rigby: i might have fell into a coma or something!   SOMEONE WAKE ME UP, PLEASE!!!

High Five: yeah, uh, calm down rigby!

Muscle Man: Benson, do you really want to do this to him?!

Benson: YES, if they don't learn, they'll still slack OFF!!!

[ the next day ]

Skips: stage 2: Anger

Benson: NO

Rigby:  FINE I QUIT!!!!


Rigby:  GAAHHH YOUR SUCH A JERK *punching him*

High Five Ghost: whoa, calm down rigby!

[ Muscle Man and high five ghost pull him back ]

Rigby: LET GO OF ME!!!!
Skips: stage 3 Bargaining

Benson: no.


Benson: it's only been three months and two days.

Skips: stage 4 Depression
[ Rigby is in his bedroom he shared with Mordecai  on his trampoline looking like a dead animal and hasn't showered in weeks and his hair is messed up alot like his fur ]

Rigby: uuuuugh, now i know what it's like to have your heart die inside of you *sobs* I'M SO SOORRY  MORDECAHAHAHAAAIII *crying hard *

[ Muscle Man and high five ghost go up the stairs to check on him ]

Muscle Man: Rigby? are you ok in there?!

High Five Ghost: we heard you crying and thought we'd check on you.

Rigby: no, [ starts trying to set up a rope too now ]

*Muscle Man opens the door and sees what he's trying to do and then jumps freaking out and saves him*

Muscle Man: BRO, just accept it! there still nine months left! it shouldn't be that far long away man!

High Five Ghost: we gotta watch him now. . .theres no telling what will happen in the last stage!

Muscle Man: I KNOW!

High Five Ghost: don't worry Rigby, were here for you.

Skips: he will be in acceptance tommorrow, do keep an eye on him guys.

Benson: finally, he won't care anymore in t he morning.
Skips: Stage 5 Acceptance
[ Rigby had befriended Chad and Jeremy as best friends from that last episode when Benson tried to replace Mordecai and Rigby ]

Jeremy: how's it going Rigby?

RIgby: oh it's cool, sorry about the fight when we last met.

Jeremy: it's ok,  Chads coming over for guys night

Rigby:  nice! heh heh, i heard that they make more of those soap opera shows now

Jeremy: no way! i'm so texting Chad about this!
Regular Show: Separated remake part 2
now were in the part where Benson will realize his mistake and try to get them back together, but it will be hard since he paired up with Chad and Jeremy.  . .oh boy 0-0
Tucker:  *looking at a picture of Ember* why did we get rid of her *frowns*

Danny: uhm, Tucker? whatchya doin?

Tucker: HUH?! oh, uh *hides picture from him* nothing Danny 0/////0

Sam: your still obsessing over Ember aren't you? . . . .

Tucker: WELL SHE COULD CHANGE OK?! i'll make her change
Danny: uhm, this might be crazy to ask, but, do you actually LIKE like her?! dude, be honest.

Tucker: well i just want to make her feel better, from her painful past, i could be her new love, I SO WANT TO TAKE REVENGE ON HER CHEATER.

Danny: whoa, calm it Tucker, dude, seriously, if you like her that much, then I'll try to go talk to her, she is probably still in ghost prison mostly. . .

Sam: why would you want her though? she's evil!

Tucker: trust me, i know how to change her.

Danny: then come with me if you really think you know dude.

Sam: well if she rejects you, don't come crying to me ok tucker?

Tucker: whatever sam. . .

[ Danny takes Tucker with him to the ghost zone and too ghost prison ]

Danny: alright skulker! were here to visit Ember!

Skulker:  might i ask why you brought your human friend with you?!

Danny: all i can say is  Tucker here just wants to say something to her, no more queastions asked.

Tucker: I like Ember. . .

Skulker: you sure  she would trust you?

Danny: I know, me and sam TRIED to convince him that she's not for him, but he still "LIKE' Likes her dude, just let us talk to her.

Skulker:  *sigh's* alright, go ahead then, whatever you want.

[ they go ahead to Ember Mclains cell where  Ember is crying and still lonley from being stood up ]

Tucker: wait, is Ember crying?!

Danny:  she must be still sad about the hole jerk boyfreind standing her up thing. . .

[ Ember stops crying and sees Tucker with Danny ]

Ember: YOU, your the Stupid human that RUDLEY sung it in a HORRIBLE way!!!!

Tucker: Ember, please, I'm sorry. . .atleast i'm not that jerk who stood you up long time ago


Danny: well he just wanted to say something to you but i suppose you could try to blast him anyway's when he ever- [ stopped by Tucker ]

Tucker: DANNY,shh! Ember, I'm sorry i sung your song horribly, and I'm sorry your boyfreind stood you up back at that theater, Danny told me everything, I-Iike you ok?

Ember: what?. . .*blush* uhm, thanks?

Tucker: yeah, well, if i were to be your boyfriend, I promise I will not stand you up, ever! i promise you i am nothing like that jerk who stood you up, and i would GLADLY TAKE REVEGE ON HIM FOR YOU

Ember: *blush* really? you'd come to the movies with me? and you won't desert me?

Tucker: yes, I'll go out to the movies with you.

Danny: wait, your actually going with it?!

Ember: SHUT IT GHOST BOY! I'M TALKING TO YOUR HUMAN FRIEND!. . .now, where were we?

Danny: going to see a movie?

Ember: oh! sure! :D . . .how do we turn me back into a human?

Danny: well here maybe my molocule reranger will turn you into human [ turns her back to human and they go back to the human world ]

Tucker: dude, I can't beleive it, I'm dating ember!

Ember: yeah, and don't you DARE stand me up tucker.

Tucker: wouldn't dream of it *gulp*

Sam: wait, so you actually said yes to him?


Sam: uhm, no, well you have fun then.

Ember: that's what i thought! [ smiles sweetly ]

Tucker: so, that song was based on your horrible boyfriend?

Ember: yes, some of it,  and again, DON'T REMIND ME!!!!! oh and if I'm trusting you,
you'll help me find my ex boyfriend and get revenge on him right?

Tucker: tottally!

Ember: *smiles* then it's a date!

Tucker: WOO HOO! i scored a date!
Danny Phantom: Tuckers Crush on Ember part 1
I know, for some reason, i see Tucker with Ember, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME PAULINE AND TUCKER SHIPPERS DX  i get bored and THIS random stuff happens. . .blame my wacky brain T-T
Regular Show is over I CAN'T BELEIVE IT DX
it's monday, this last episode of the last ever season has come and passed, but I will still keep it alive within stories!
Mordecai: hey, you doing alright?

Wanda: huh? oh, uh, who are you?

Mordecai: oh, well , I'm Mordecai, nice hair.

Wanda: ha ha, uh, thanks, I'm Wanda

Mordecai: having husband troubles?

Wanda: yeah, but he's an idiot.

Mordecai: oh, well unlike him , I'm a smarter kind of guy, well i don't know, I did something stupid once, i accidently sent a love song I sang about my one lady who used to be my crush, but she liked it. . .

Wanda: really?  was it any better then the stupid song my husband Cosmo sent me?

Mordecai: uh, that depends, what was that like?

Wanda: he said he made me a song, but it wasn't even ABOUT me, it was just all about a tractor! it was HORRIBLE  *cries*

Mordecai: *hugs her* shh,shh shh, it's ok Wanda,  i can sing you an even better song. . .

i can't tell you how happy i am to see you
cause I've been trying to find a good girl since I was two [ yeah ]

i love you cause your pretty blue eye's
so pretty and sparkly like the pretty blue skies. (ye)

also love your pretty pink hair
you know i've once taken down a bear, trust me."

this is definetly way better then that dumb tractor song
you know, "I say," your beautiful, I"ll never, lie to you."

Ooh, Wanda your the perfect girl
for me-e-e-e-e, and now, I'm telling you what cosmo should of told you now

We were alway's-alway's-alway's meant to be together,
We were alway's-alway's-alway's meant to be together,

don't you cry,it'll be alright, I'm a really trustworthy guy
cause we alway's-alway's-Alway's-alway's meant to be together

Wanda: [ looks so happy ] aww, I'm so touched, thanks mordecai *hugs*  you know, I'll try divorcing cosmo, and maybe we can go out for dinner sometimes? you know, while i'm in human form still?

Mordecai: tottally, I'll be there.

Wanda:  nice! I'll see you soon

[ wanda kissed Mordecai and went off as Mordecai blushed ]

Mordecai: wow, she's cute. . .


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